Funktional Technologies Model: Chocolate Box

The Funktional Technologies Chocolate Box is a 2U analog & digital professional audio device. It incorporates two Cadac “K” type analog input modules. The modules are in their complete original form. Microphone preamp, equalizer, auxes, PFL...everything we loved is included!!

Cadac has a 45 year history in professional audio. We’ve selected these modules since they have a small form factor and have the specifications and warmth that is lost in most modern day analog and digital systems.

The Chocolate Box has been designed to accept these two Cadac modules but doesn’t stop there. We have designed from scratch a fully insertable analog-to-digital & digital-to-analog converters with sample rates to 192Khz. AES, SPDIF, & optical connections included.
The A/D can also be used independently from the CADAC modules

USB interface will be recognized by most any computer recording software, i.e. Protools version 9 and later. For example, connect your Neumann U47 or Shure SM57, get that classic Cadac mic preamplifier & equalizer sound, and record to your computer.


2 Cadac “K or G” Type Input modules
2U 19” Rack unit height x 16” deep w/ removable rack ears
2 Preamp Inputs Balanced XLR (Cadac)
2 Direct Outs Balanced XLR 6 outputs : DO, A+B and C+D (Cadac) 3 Auxiliary outputs Balanced XLR (Cadac)
2 Transformer balanced main outputs A+B (Cadac)

2 Balanced C/D Loop XLR input / output.
Insertable loop via switches for other analog gear ie; vintage compressors, gates, equalizers Etc. Will pass to USB & Digital Output

Headphone amplifier w/ level control monitors in stereo from both Cadac modules, PFL selects both headphones. 1⁄4”stereo headphone connector

• 1⁄4” TS Unbalanced Direct input ie; electric, bass guitar, low level keyboard etc.

• 2 VCA (Voltage Controlled Amplifier) output controls. Can bypass VCAs (Fader Substitute) external level control

USB 44.1/48Khz output auto connecting in MAC or WIN OS – no driver installs needed AES / XLR Digital output, Internal clock 44.1, 48, 88.2, 96, 192Khz
AES / XLR Digital input receive & lock to 44.1, 48, 88.2, 96, 192Khz
2 SPDIF RCA in/out 44.1, 48Khz 88.1 96K & 192K.

2 Optical TOSLINK in/out 44.1, 48Khz 88.1K, 96K, &192K
2 LED analog audio meters w/ CADAC meter ballistics
External wide range small format switching power supply for USA and overseas use 120-240VAC