"It's the Box we've all been waiting for"

Leon Rothenberg - Tony award winning sound designer


"Theater's best kept secret now comes to the studio"

Scott Lehrer - Tony award winning sound designer & Second Story Sound owner


" The Funktional choco-box is my go to Mic Pre, EQ, DI, and... AD DA converter.  The thing is an absolute workhorse and never disappoints. It is the first thing people are drawn to when they look though the racks. She is the only piece of gear in our studio that is undefeated in our rigorous blind A/B testing days...          Can't wait to get my hands on a few more to have a multi-channel rack. Thanks Andrew and the team at Funktional for your wonderful work and continuous support with the choco. "

Zachary Dawson - Districo Studios


“The Funktional Technologies Chocolate Box makes my brain spin thinking about all the possible uses I could come up in both live and studio applications. From looking at it as two separate tracking preamps, stereo bus sweetening unit or to use in an all analog channel path for a lead vocalists for their IEM mix it definitely will earn it’s spot next to the other capable pieces in any rack.”

The Roots, Late Night & The Tonight Show staring Jimmy Fallon, Justin Timberlake, Madonna, John Legend, Jill Scott


Paul Klimson - Theory One Productions