• The Funktional Technologies Chocolate Box is a 2U analog & digital professional audio device. It incorporates two Cadac “K” type analog input modules. The modules are in their complete original form. Microphone preamp, equalizer, auxes, PFL...everything we loved is included!!

• Cadac has a 45 year history in professional audio. We’ve selected these modules since they have a small form factor and have the specifications and warmth that is lost in most modern day analog and digital systems.

• The Chocolate Box has been designed to accept these two Cadac modules but doesn’t stop there. We have designed from scratch a fully insertable analog-to-digital & digital-to-analog converters with sample rates to 192Khz. AES, SPDIF, & optical connections included. The A/D can also be used independently from the CADAC modules

• USB interface will be recognized by most any computer recording software, i.e. Protools version 9 and later. For example, connect your Neumann U47 or Shure SM57, get that classic Cadac mic preamplifier & equalizer sound, and record to your computer.



• 2 Channel British Microphone / Instrument Preamplifier
• Equalizer
• 24/192 Digital I/O
• Cadac “K or G” Type Input modules
• 2U 19” Rack unit height x 16” deep w/ removable rack ears
• 2 Preamp Inputs Balanced XLR (Cadac)
• 2 Direct Outs Balanced XLR
• 6 outputs : DO, A+B and C+D (Cadac)
• 3 Auxiliary outputs Balanced XLR (Cadac)
• 2 Transformer balanced main outputs A+B (Cadac)
• 2 Balanced C/D Loop XLR input / output. Insertable loop via switches for other analog gear ie; vintage compressors, gates, equalizers Etc. Will pass to USB & Digital Output
• Headphone amplifier w/ level control monitors in stereo from both Cadac modules, PFL selects both headphones. 1⁄4”stereo headphone connector
• 1/4” TS Unbalanced Direct input ie; electric, bass guitar,
low level keyboard etc.
• 2 VCA (Voltage Controlled Amplifier) output controls. Can bypass VCAs (Fader Substitute) external level control
• USB 44.1/48Khz output auto connecting in MAC or WIN OS – no driver installs needed
• AES / XLR Digital output, Internal clock 44.1, 48, 88.2, 96, 192Khz
• AES / XLR Digital input receive & lock to 44.1, 48, 88.2, 96, 192Khz
• 2 SPDIF RCA in/out 44.1, 48Khz 88.1 96K & 192K.
• 2 Optical TOSLINK in/out 44.1, 48Khz 88.1K, 96K, &192K
• 2 LED analog audio meters w/ CADAC meter ballistics
• External wide range small format switching power supply for USA and overseas use 120-240VAC


This is the Cadac "K Type" 25 frame in its original form. Its a smaller designed module and frame from the legendary "J" Type with less auxiliaries & group sends. Same Microphone preamp & equalizer.
In an effort to be green, we have reclaimed and repurposed these high quality modules for continued use in studio and live sound.